Overview of Dermatology

Dermatologists manage skin diseases in people of all ages. Most dermatologists are skin surgeons as well as physicians. Skin diseases are disfiguring, distressing and highly symptomatic. Chronic inflammatory skin diseases significantly reduce quality of life and they impose a considerable burden within the community. About one in four of the population are affected by skin disease that would benefit from medical care. In the UK skin diseases are among the commonest certified causes of incapacity to work.

Between 1981 and 1991 consultations for skin disease in general practice rose by almost 50%. This reflected an increase in prevalence of common problems such as atopic eczema, venous leg ulcers and skin cancer as well as the availability of effective treatments. GPs refer 1-2% of the population to dermatologists each year as new patients.

Teaching and postgraduate education are essential parts of the work of dermatologists, who teach and train medical students, postgraduates, GPs and nurses. Although about 15% of GP consultations relate to problems with the skin, only 20% of GP vocational training schemes contain a dermatological component; and the undergraduate curricula contains on average only six days of dermatology. Newly appointed GPs therefore have little experience of dermatological problems.

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4211 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant 01 Sep 14 28 Aug 15 € 198,747.20
4193 General Practitioner (Family Practice) 01 Sep 14 05 Sep 14 € 525.00
4188 Medical Registrar 01 Sep 14 03 Sep 14 € 1,920.00
4187 Medical Registrar 08 Sep 14 10 Sep 14 € 1,440.00
4186 Medical Registrar 03 Sep 14 05 Sep 14 € 1,440.00
4180 Medical Registrar 08 Sep 14 09 Sep 14 € 780.00
4175 General Practitioner (Family Practice) 12 Sep 14 12 Sep 14 € 385.00
4173 General Practitioner 05 Sep 14 05 Sep 14 € 450.00
4172 General Practitioner 28 Oct 14 31 Oct 14 € 1,575.00
4171 General Practitioner 12 Sep 14 12 Sep 14 € 225.00
4170 General Practitioner 12 Sep 14 12 Sep 14 € 420.00
4144 Emergency Department Consultant 08 Sep 14 02 Oct 14 € 8,598.60
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